K4 Class

4 years old

Monday - Friday (5 days / week)

8:45-9:00 : Arrival
9:00-10:00 : Good Morning (Learning Center)
10:00-10:30 : Circle Time
10:30-11:00 : Math
11:00-11:15 : Snack Time
11:15-12:00 : Outside Time
12:00-12:30 : Music/Phonics
12:30-13:30 : Lunch Time / Free Play
13:00-14:00 : Language Arts/Social Studies/Art/Science
14:00-14:30 : Story Time/Discussion
14:30 : Good Bye

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Activities introduce and broaden basic understanding of number concepts. Children enjoy learning about the variety of applications that numbers provide in their lives. Included in the coursework are classification and ordering of objects according to their quantitative attributes. Experimentation with the quantitative differences between objects by using various measuring tools help children discover measurement relationships and their practical applications. Classroom work involves a variety of games and activities that stimulate interest in mathematics.


Use textbooks from the U.S. Develop and expand pre-reading skills by recognizing the synchronization between verbalizing the written text and the pictorial representation. Opportunities abound for the children to relate, or dramatize, their own versions of the narratives covered. Introduction to the elements of a narrative, focusing on character, setting and plot, becomes a means to assess a child’s comprehension capability. Ample time is allowed to discuss freely the stories and their meanings.


Use textbooks from the U.S. Pre-writing skills are nurtured by showing the diversity of human expression that’s possible through the written language. Form and function of the alphabet are carefully introduced. The connection between an idea and its symbolic expression is further explored as children develop confidence in putting their thoughts down on paper using techniques such as simulated script and random spellings. As their confidence in symbolic expression grows, children work toward conventional handwriting as the alphabet is mastered.


Begin to acquire scientific knowledge through careful observation and simple experiments. Learning the techniques of scientific methods through hands-on experience helps lay a strong foundation for the child’s future excursions into the world of science. As understanding grows about the physical and organic aspects to the world around them, children become inspired by the satisfaction felt in gaining knowledge through discovery and invention.

Social Studies

The ultimate objective is to affirm in the children their own intrinsic value as human beings. The classroom atmosphere becomes conducive to raising the awareness in each child that, regardless of our differences, everyone is important and possesses desirable attributes. Classroom activities reinforce the message that human life is precious, and each child can make meaningful contributions to our world.

Interactive Learning

Cooking, Art, Gardening and Handsーon Activities, as well as Music, which includes voice training, rhythm, music instruments, as well as dancing.

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