Welcome to GIS

Welcome to the community of Gregg International School!

Children throughout the world enjoy an innate curiosity about everything around them. Eventually, they immerse themselves in the world of academic inquiry, a scholarly pursuit that is the source of scientific discovery and technological advancement. Children’s curiosity and their inquisitive minds indeed are the roots of civilization.

At GREGG International School, we aim to prepare our children to solve the problems that come with human advancement. In today’s world, the social environment and fabric have been transformed by the acceleration in technological advancement and the function of information technology in our lives.

At GREGG International School, we invest in each child–encouraging our students to become respectful, trustworthy members of society, capable of contributing to the betterment of all mankind, and possessing a healthy balance in mind and body, a genuine love of nature and of each other–and, most critically, an independent spirit.

We see education playing a vital role in nurturing a self-learner full of intellectual curiosity and possessing critical thinking skills. We recognize how adequate time and space allow children to explore and inquire on their own, while also making available the most suitable materials that respond to their particular needs.

Our programs designed for children aged 2 to 12 aim to instill an immeasurable joy of learning and inquiry, nurtured by qualified faculty who recognize and respect their children’s personally held views and thoughts.

A sustained, active inquiry allows our students to reach a much higher realm of academic study. Celebrating over two decades of educational service to the community, GREGG International School remains committed to providing classes and activities that bring diverse cultures together–for a lifetime of discovery and enrichment.

With best wishes and sincere regards,