G5: Letʼs Get Digital!

Never Stop Learning!

For the past two weeks, the fifth graders have been doing their English, reading, and math work online! We started by getting used to our learning app, Microsoft Teams. It was difficult at first, but soon the students adapted to their new learning environment, and now our classes are getting better every day! The G5 students are enthusiastic and eager to learn. Because of that, now all students can use the online classroom features like submitting assignments and using the digital notebook.

Already in the last two weeks, we have finished two chapters of our English grammar book, a whole chapter of our math book, and we are about to finish reading our first reader, A Mouse Called Wolf. Though previously worried that e-learning could be challenging for the students, our G5 teacher was extremely pleased to see that the students did very well in their most recent math test. Keep up the good work G5!