2020 GiS Science Week

Serious About Science!

GIS Science Week 2020 was a great success thanks to our hardworking teachers and ever curious students! This year we had a range of exciting and interesting projects that sparked a love of science in our eager students.

Our K1&2 scientists enjoyed learning about colour and tone in a water xylophone sound science project. Students could understand the differences in high and low pitch and made some beautiful music to boot!

K3 scientists learned about magnetic force. By using a magnet to test various materials, students could find out what was magnetic and what was not magnetic. Students were so excited to find magnetic objects!

K4 scientists investigated germs in a science experiment using bread. Students experimented by touching bread with hands just washed with soap, hands after playing with inside toys and hands after playing outside. After about a week they found that all of the bread, except for the bread that was touched after washing hands with soap, turned very moldy! An important lesson about the power of germs was learned.

K5 scientists explored the world of dinosaurs. Students learned about plant eating and meat eating dinosaur. They each chose their favourite dinosaur and made a presentation!

G1&2 scientists made their very own robots from scratch in this hands on science project! Through building an Art Robot and a Wiggle Robot, students explored how electricity moves through wires and important functions of batteries, conductors and more!

G3&4 scientists explored the world of computer programming and even earned themselves a certificate. Students also had fun exploring our solar system and the Universe.

G5 scientists were busy this year. Students created a Drawbot, which is a robot that can draw. This robot was build from scratch and created some beautiful results! G5 students also completed a homework project on Environmental Awareness. The goal of this project was to show students how their everyday actions have consequences, and to teach them the awareness to be responsible citizens.

We here at GIS are so happy to see the great effort put into GIS Science Week 2020. We certainly had fun making, doing, and learning, and we hope you enjoy reading about our projects just as much!