A Walk to the Park

Play is the Highest Form of Research - Albert Einstein

On a warm sunny day in February, the K4/5 students explored a park that was a longer walk than our normal destinations.
We snaked through traffic lights, busy roads, many pedestrians, and construction work to get to this park. We went right after lunch when parks tend to be less crowded and got lucky and had the whole park to ourselves!

We showed off tricks on the monkey bars and played freeze tag, squealing and screaming with joy the whole time. After we played with all the equipment we had the best time making a mountain with sand and we did that for a long time… because kids can have fun with anything!

The walk back to school felt longer and harder but we made it back in one piece. They were all tired but happy and relaxed. Their only request?? That we take the bus next time we go to the same park!