Fun time at the park!

Tire Park Fun!!!!

On a gorgeous morning in March, the K2-K5 students went to the Tire Park in Kamata to congratulate themselves on their hard work and to celebrate their success on the Spring Concert.

It was the first time that the K2 friends joined us for a school outing and the K3-K5 “outing veterans” were super excited to have them tag along. The older kids taught the younger kids all about the “Park Outing Rules” on the bus ride there and the K2 friends listened in ernest.

They broke out in sweat climbing the tall tire objects, swung in dizzying circles on the tire swings, and screamed with glee going down the gigantic slides on tire-tubes! They were able to play nicely among other school children; patiently waited for their turn, shared nicely, and politely said thank-you as well as a few sincere I’m sorry’s!

Just like how the wheels on the bus go round and round, so does our friendship everywhere we go!