G5 and G6 Kamakura Field Trip

It is better to travel well than to arrive. Buddha

On a gorgeous spring day in March, the G5/G6 students went on a field trip to Kamakura.
The day was jam packed with fun, educational activities. To get us prepared for the trip, the students worked in small groups to research and to give brief presentations on the places that they will visit. The purpose of this exercise was to gain background information and knowledge of what we were going to see, learn, and experience.

The Great Buddha was our first stop and we got to explore the inside of the Buddha and see how the gigantic statue was made. We hiked up a mountain behind the Buddha to go eat lunch at Genjiyama Park before making our way down to Zeniarai Benten, a shrine tucked away on a rocky hill on the side of the mountain. There, we enjoyed “washing” money in hopes of making more! We then strolled down Komachi Dori, stopping by for ice cream and at other tempting food stalls before we made it to Tsuruoka Hachimangu where we were in awe of the beautiful magnificent architecture.
We rushed back to the station to make it back to school on time but not before making a quick stop at the famous “pigeon cookie” shop where we bought our weight in the sweet treats!

We had a wonderful time spending the day outside, taking in all the historical sites and immersing ourselves in Japanese culture.