GiS 2019 Newsletter and announcement

Dear parents,

Thank you very much for your time during the month of November. Many of you came to school to attend Open Days for parents and Thanksgiving Tea Party. Your presence meant so much for us. Three months have passed since the school year started on Thursday, August 29th. Summer heat and typhoon season are behind us. Crimson and golden autumn leaves are turning brown. The air is crisp and freezing. We are in December. The winter has arrived. Northern parts of Japan are already under the snow. Still, at Gregg, students are lively and happy as ever. They love to play outside even on very cold days with wind chill and cloudy sky.

On Friday, December 6th, K3 to G7 students are visiting a nursing home in Jiyugaoka. They will sing Christmas carols there. This is an annual community service morning.
We are bringing a joy of Christmas to the nursing home residents. In return, we feel the loving hearts of elderly ladies and gentlemen are wrapping us all. We are grateful for them to give us such a wonderful opportunity year after year. We hope this kind of positive experience in young age will enrich our children’s lives in future.

The last day before winter vacation will be Friday, December 13th. Each class will celebrate the day with class party. Santa is visiting us in his busy schedule. He will sit and greet students under the big Christmas tree in the lobby. K1 to K5 parents are welcome to join us in the lobby to take pictures of their children with Santa.

Winter School will start on Monday, December 16th. Classrooms with holiday decoration are welcoming students. Special field trips with Yokohama Christmas Cruise are planned. Elementary students are going on Wednesday, December 18th. They will enjoy ice skating at Red Brick Warehouse after the Cruise. K4 and K5 students will have a Christmas Cruise in the morning and visit the Christmas Market after that. Both trips are very popular with application on first come, first served bases with limited space. Please apply early to avoid disappointments.

The regular winter school will end on Wednesday, December 25th. Fun filled winter school will be the vacation time to remember for your children. The last day to order winter school lunch will be Thursday, December 5th.

A new and exciting program ‘Coding & Robotics’, 5-day-winter camp, will be from Monday, December 23rd to Friday, December 27th. Two courses (for Ages 5 & 6 and Ages 7 to 9, 3pm to 5 pm) will be offered. Please apply ASAP as both courses accept only up to 6 students. This is a brand-new project thanks to the collaboration between GIS and Saturday Kids Japan. Students’ curiosity will be inspired and enhanced greatly.

School office will be closed from Saturday, December 28th to Sunday, January 5th.
The first school day in 2020 will be Monday, January 6th.

We are looking forward to seeing you and your children in New Year.
May you have a lovely holiday season with your family.

Happy New Year to you all!!!