Help and donate to Sri Lanka

Donate to Sri Lanka

As many of you are aware, Sri Lanka has been devastated by a series of coordinated terrorist attacks at several locations on Easter Sunday. This has resulted in the death of over 350 men, women and children and we, at GIS, are deeply saddened by this. As a caring and supportive community, we have decided to take the necessary steps to help support those affected by these attacks and their families. We have now set up a donation box at our school, and we kindly ask all able parents to make a donation, and help bring some hope to those who may have lost it.

Money is the most mobile resource in the early stages of any disaster or attack, which means donations are necessary right now. Please feel free to make a donation of any amount you desire, every little helps. You can find the brown donation box on the first floor at our school, please ask one of our staff if you have trouble locating it.

From all of us at GIS, we thank you in advance for your generosity, and we wish you and your family a wonderful Golden Week.

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2019年4月21日朝8時45分頃スリランカ中心都市コロンボ市内にある教会(St.Anthony’S Church Colombo 13)とニゴンボにある教会(St Sebastian’s Church-Katuwapitiya), 東海岸第二の都市バッティカロア(Zion Church Batticaloa)でほぼ同時に爆発が発生しました。午後にはコロンボ郊外でも同様の爆発が2ヵ所で起こりました。



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