K5 Fun With Phonics and Reading!

Phonics wonderland!!!

K5 have been busy since the start of the academic year. They have reviewed all consonants successfully and can identify vowels. This month’s phonics focus in K5 class is pronunciation and identification of the short vowel sounds of ‘a,’ ‘e,’ ‘i,’ ‘o,’ and ‘u’. Students now know that short vowels are found when a vowel occurs singularly between consonants. Students have been listening to short vowel sounds and words to become familiar with pronouncing these challenging sounds! The K5 teacher Ms. Estuko is very happy with their progress!

In conjunction with phonics studies, K5 have have also started an individual reading program! There are three series of short readings books which the students learn to read by themselves. Each student takes a book home twice weekly and reads it to their parents. Then they bring their book back to school and read it with their teacher. They feel very proud each time they read all by themselves, and Ms. Etsuko is also very happy to see their reading progress!