Kindergarten Open House

We will hold an admission information session for the Gregg International School and would love to welcome interested parents with Kindergarten age children.

Due to COVID-19, seating availability is limited. Please sign up as soon as possible.
Moreover, depending on the COVID-19 situation, the Open House may be canceled.

Date: Saturday, January 29, 2022
Time: 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Location: Gregg International School 1-14-6 Jiyugaoka, Meguro, Tokyo

  • K4 class (for children born between September 1, 2016 and August 31, 2017)
  • K5 class (for children born between September 1, 2015 and August 31, 2016)

* If your child currently attends a K5 class in kindergarten or nursery school and will graduate in March 2022, they will go to K5 of GiS from April – June 2022. They will then go on to Grade 1 from late August, 2022 when our new school year starts.
If you think your child might find it hard to adjust to an all English environment, it is better to join a lower kindergarten class when your child is younger.
** For children born between April 2 and August 31, 2015, please contact our office.

Open House Spaces: We have 10 spots in total for attendees, 5 spots for each class. Each spot consists of two parents and one child.


  • Orientation – Our Educational Philosophy
  • Introduction of Elementary Curriculum
  • School Tour
  • Individual Conferences

Contact: Please make the reservation by

Elementary enrollment requires a written English test and an interview.
Students enrolled from K5 will not have to take the entrance test for G1.
Returnee enrollment for all grades are available. Please ask for openings.

Transferring to GiS
GiS’s Kindergarten and Elementary academic year system is different from the Japanese system in that our 1st semester runs from late August through to December, and the 2nd semester runs from January through to late June. Therefore, it is possible for parents to transfer their child to GiS in March/April after their child graduates from Japanese kindergarten or nursery school.