Kindergarten Summer School Recap

Children's Wonderland

Ladies and gentlemen, children and parents, it’s been a fun-packed six weeks of GIS Summer School! This year’s theme for the Kindergarten was “Travel Around the World.” After recieving a special GIS passport, we fastened our seatbelts and took off to America to celebrate the Fourth of July, hopped across the pond to Germany to visit Legoland, continued down to Australia to meet exotic animals, excavating we went in Egypt, joined a fiesta in Mexico, and came back to Japan to end our trip with an Omatsuri (Japanese summer festival)!!
By the end of our trip, our suitcases were filled with souvenirs that we made in Arts & Crafts, our minds worldly with knowledge of new songs, interesting facts, and bilingual greetings, our tummies full of delicious snacks, and our memories brimming with happiness and friendship!
The GIS Summer School and the entire crew would like to thank you for joining us on this trip and we are looking forward to seeing you in class again in the near future. Have a great rest of the summer!