New Animal Species: G5 + G6

A brave new world!

Loss of biodiversity is the extinction of species (plant or animal) worldwide. After discussing its causes and effects in science class, the 5th and 6th graders were invited to create new species of animals that were believable in art class.

Several pictures of animals printed off the Internet were given to the students. They had to create new animals using the collage technique. They practiced sketching the animal they liked the best out of their creations and practiced drawing using soft and dark pencils. Once satisfied with their product, the students had to create a believable background for their new species (diet, habitat, etc). Below are the first collages and final posters for their species.

In this class the students:
  • Practiced the collage technique (review of a previous class).
  • Improved their drawing skills (using 8B pencils).
  • Developed their imagination by creating new animals species and giving them a made up background.