Science Fair “Sink or Float”

Ahoy captain!

Gis K3/K4 class learned about ″Sink or Float″ during Science Week. We kicked off the Science Fair with a song and we all looked like professional scientists in our long white lab-coats!
For our experiment, we chose objects around the classroom (Legos, blocks, balls, kitchen toys, etc.) as well as things that we see and use on the daily (vegetables, money, utensils, etc.) and put them in a big tub of water to see whether each item floats or sinks.

We recorded our observations on a big chart and shared our experiment and results with the rest of the school. There were quite a few interesting and surprising outcomes that even the elementary students were impressed!!

Science Week is over but the knowledge we learned sunk deep in our minds and the fun memories we made will stay afloat in our hearts!!