Traditional Greek Pita Bread

Feeling Greek

For a month-long learning about how ancient Greeks developed their way of life, students are now well equipped with series of intellectual discoveries that raised the Mediterranean world to a new level of civilization. It was extremely interesting for the students to find out how Greeks have influenced us in several aspects.

Of course, we can’t just end the lesson through reading the country’s rich history without a taste of real experience. We delved in deeper into the origins of Greek food and found Pita bread (word for a thin flat bread) and a dip sauce called Tzatziki.

Some of the students had their first real time experience of learning and mixing the ingredients. Baking the bread was a new thing for them and it turned out that they were all having fun most especially when they started to knead the dough. Tasks were equally distributed to every student and they all worked harmoniously while having fun at the same time.

The final output was not as good as what you would expect from a restaurant, but you also might want to consider that traditionally, Greeks used stone to bake their version of pita bread.