Volcano Spay Painting : Grade 5 + 6 Science

Volcano Spray Painting

After learning about plate tectonics, the students of grades 5 and 6 created pictures of volcanoes using a technique that they were not familiar with. First, we covered construction paper with contact paper so that we could work on a plastic surface that still looked white.

Then we covered a large area of the playground with newspaper and protected ourselves with our art clothes, masks, and gloves. When the preparations were done, we layered several colors of paint using spray cans. Since we worked on a plastic surface, the paint did not dry right away so we could still work with it for a while. Using pieces of paper towels, cardboard, and our fingers, we removed paint in some places, traced lines in others, and mixed the colors a little to make volcanoes. Then we waited for the pictures to dry and we scanned them to keep a digital copy of our work. Finally, we sealed them with another layer of contact paper to preserve the original artwork. Below is the product of our work, enjoy.