Yokohama History Museum

There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know!!

We went to the Yokohama History Museum on Friday, February 1st. It was a few minute walk from Center Kita station of Yokohama municipal subway. We got lucky with the weather. Not a cloud in the sky. Snow-capped Mt. Fuji and Tanzawa mountains could be seen afar when our Toyoko train crossed the Tamagawa River in the morning on our way to the museum. At the museum we saw prehistoric Japan exhibit. It was the time our archipelago was connected to Asian continent. Sea of Japan was not there, yet. People walked to Japan all the way from present day China and Korea.

They used obsidian to make weapons and tools, and they hunted for food. Later on, in Yayoi period, rice farming started in Japan. Have you ever wondered how to mouse-proof your house or hut?
G3 and G4 students learned about some interesting measures ancient farmers took to protect their harvest from four legged friends. So, if you want to know how to protect your house from mice, please ask our students.

After the museum we visited the hilly outdoor area. Pit houses with thatched roofs of Yayoi period were built after original village site was excavated. A large farm house of Edo period was also there. It was belonged to a village chief. The spacious living area with tatami mat was used as a meeting room of the villagers. White Daffodils were blooming in the garden. Red and white carp were swimming in the pond. It was a nice outing on a sunny day.