Zoorasia adventures!

Fun times at the Zoo

Carrying our own lunches, bottles, snacks, and high spirits, the K2-K5 friends set off to Zoorasia at the end of April for our very first day-long fieldtrip adventure! Singing the newly learned ″Zoo Song″ and ″Old Mcdonald had a Zoo,″ the long bus ride to Zoorasia passed quickly and we were soon off to see the Lions, Tigers, and Bears oh my!

We took the cute zoo bus resembling an Okapi all the way to the African Savanna zone where we encountered many awe-inspiring animals– the kids’ favorite being the stinky rhino who welcomed us by going to the toilet right in their faces!
″Do it again! Do it again please!″ they pleaded with the rhino but alas, only when nature calls!

We walked up and down winding hills stopping every few minutes not to miss a single animal (including every ant and rolly-polly) until we reached our lunch picnic area. We enjoyed our lunches under the warm sun and scavenging crows and then off to the playground we went where we acted like quite the wild animals ourselves!!

We topped the day off with a scoop of ice cream and ended our escapade on a sweet note!