2018 Friendship Day : K1 ~ Grade 6

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We had ‘Friendship Day’ in the morning on Thursday, November 15. It was a day to celebrate friendship among our students.

The sun was shining bright. The blue sky had no trace of cloud. We were all there in our spacious schoolyard. It was a perfect day to stay outside. The season was turning chilly a bit, but children didn’t mind. Their hearts were full of love and kindness. Everyone wanted to do their best and cheered their friends’ effort. This is Gregg spirit. As Mrs. Gay, our principal, had said at the beginning of the Friendship Day all Gregg students from age 1 to Grade 6 helped each other and had fun together.

Four teams we had : Orange, Yellow, Green, and White. Each team was made with K1 to G6 students. The G4 to G6 students were team leaders. It was really sweet to see older students tenderly guided the younger ones. And the younger students looked up the big sisters and brothers with such trust and admiration. At the end the Yellow team was the winner of all. No grand trophy was there. But a shiny trophy of warm feeling filled with love and friendship was in the heart of each student. May it sustain him and her today and forever.