2018 Parent’s Thanksgiving Tea Party

Thanksgiving Tea Party

It was a bit gloomy and chilly morning. But our lobby area was bright and warm. It was packed with so many smiling parents. The Thanksgiving Tea Party for Parents was organized by student council again this year. Elementary students made tea and coffee. They carried trays full of cookies. They served really well. Everybody was in good spirit and eager to make the parents feel comfortable and happy.

“One more cookie, please.” said one.
“ You like tea or coffee? ” asked another.

K1 to K5 students had practiced for weeks to give a gift of music for parents. “Let’s Give Thanks” was sang together. Even the very young students were happily joined in the chorus. While “She’ll be coming around the mountain” was sang by K5.

The following Thanksgiving Poems were recited by K5 students.

“ I am thankful for my family.”
“ I am thankful for my friends.”
“I am thankful for my school.”
“I am thankful for my books.”
“ I am thankful for my toys.”

We feel truly grateful for being together again on this Thanksgiving Day. No big turkey was here. But we felt blessed with a happy, big family, that is Gregg. Parents, thank you very much for joining us in your busy schedule.

May you have a very happy holiday season with your family.