2020 Valentine’s Day Charity Bake Sale

You always gain by giving love.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here at G.I.S., we had our annual Valentine’s Day charity bake sale to celebrate international love and friendship. Thanks to the support of G.I.S parents, who made and donated all of the delicious goodies, we had yet another successful Valentine’s Day charity bake sale! The G.I.S. students had lots of fun decorating their Valentine’s Day goodie bags in preparation for the day. When it was their turn to shop, all of the students were so excited to select their favorite treat to take home. As you can see, there were many delicious treats to choose from! Not only did we all have fun, but we also raised lots of money for a good cause. All proceeds will be donated to Franciscan Missionaries in The Philippines through Denen-Chofu Catholic Church. Thanks again to the G.I.S. parents and staff for their help in supporting this noble cause!