Elementary Open Day for Parents

A sneak peek into GiS school life!

Open Day for Parents was held from November 9th-13th this year! GiS Elementary teachers were very excited to share snapshots of school life with our Elementary parents! This year GiS Elementary decided to have a digital Open Day for Parents in respect of COVID-19 safety guidelines.

G1 & 2 parents got to see their child’s English studies in motion in a video recording of English class! Students could be seen reading and studying English grammar with their teacher, Ms. TJ. This month, G1 & 2 are studying how the human body works in science class. In a science video, G1 can be seen learning how the stomach digests food, while parents got to see G2 learning about what’s inside our blood! To end, parents also saw their child getting messy and of course, having fun, in art class.

In a video presentation, G3 & 4 teachers showcased daily life in their classroom with a range of study-based and game activities. For G4, Ms. Cherry wanted to let parents see how students do daily lessons in class. Therefore, in the video, parents get to see a typical language arts and math class. In social studies, parents can see their G3 & 4 children learning all about population and population density. Students used a microscope to learn about cells in science. Parents also got to see their children having fun with aerobics with an overview of a full month of PE activities!

Our G5 & G6 teacher, Mr. Morgan, recorded daily life in the classroom so that parents could get a taste of their child’s daily life in school. The video shows the students working on English grammar, doing a science experiment on mineral identification, making a poster about Ancient Egypt for social studies, and getting creative in a cross-curricular art project using pebbles. In addition, students also can be seen enjoying a boisterous soccer game in PE class!

Elementary parents were emailed a link and password to access their child’s content on November 17th. Please contact the GiS office for assistance in viewing the content.