Kindergarten Open Day for Parents

A sneak peek into GiS school life!

Recently in Open Day for Parents, our teachers got a chance to share snapshots of GiS school life with our students’ parents! We hope all GiS kindergarten parents were able to come to school to see their child’s classroom presentation.

With respect of COVID19 guidelines, kindergarten invited only one parent to visit Open Day for Parents and did our activities outside or in well-ventilated rooms. K2 & K3 teachers held a Mommy & Me style class in the playground to allow GiS mommies to be part of their child’s learning experience. Parents were invited to take part in Circle Time in which they sang songs, counted, and reviewed the days of the week, weather and months with their child. K3 & 4 then played some fun and educational games with parents.

K4 class parents were invited to watch Circle Time. Students made sentences when reviewing the days of the week, weather, and months. They also sang their favorite songs, and showed parents how well they can do dance moves while singing. Students also did fun phonics games during Circle Time. Students did an excellent job and the mommies were all so impressed at their progress!

K5 got to see how well students could sing, sit quietly, wait their turn, and answer many questions in Circle Time. Parents also got to watch their child’s English phonics lesson. In the lesson, students learned about rhyming words with the short vowel ‘a’. Parents saw that the K5 students can read a lot of the three letter words with ease and can find the sets of rhyming words!

Kindergarten Open Day for Parents was a great success. Students really loved having their mom’s in school with them!