Fall Harvests : K3~K5 Field Trip

Fall Harvests

One sunny day in November, our K3-K5 students went to a field in Setagaya to find and dig turnips by themselves and with teachers.

Many of you might have read the famous picture book of Russia, titled “The Giant Turnip”. So, some knew the vegetable “turnips” from the book or from their mom’s home cooking.
Did they find turnips like that big?

They were so exited especially at the moment when they pull the turnips and unexpectedly fell on their buttocks with thud!

We also reap a spinach-like green vegetable originating in China. It is called “Chin-guen-tzuai”. It was so big for them. Actually, far bigger than we expected.

Hope everyone enjoyed the fall weather and dishes of these fine harvests at a warm family table.