Prehistoric Cave Paintings : Grade 3 + 4

Prehistoric Cave Paintings

When people think of cave art, they generally think of the Lascaux Cave in France.
Recently a new cave with several paintings was discovered at Gregg. This cave is named G3-4 cave. Three Stone Age artists created the artwork.

Cave art exists on all continents except Antarctica. Painted alcove in India, in the Four Corners region of USA (where the states of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona meet) are well researched. Hundreds and even thousands of sites have been found in South Africa.

Do you know what happened in Altamira in Spain? It was in 1875. One day, a young girl called Maria walked into a cave nearby.

She walked deeper and deeper into it. Suddenly a richly colored bison appeared in front. ‘Daddy, look! Oxen!’ She cried. Maria was 8 or 9 at that time. (Same as G3 and G4!) G3 and G4 students, go and explore the world.

The wonder of the human history will be all yours.