G1 and G2 Drawing and Painting with Outlines!

Every child is an artist!

Recently, G1&2 have been flexing their art skills with a practical exploration into line drawing! As well as learning about lines and outlines, students got the opportunity to paint with many colors within the boundaries of the lines they created.

G1 looked at Picasso’s Hands with Flowers. After looking at his curved style of line drawing, students drew an outline of a hand in pencil, then went over the line in marker. After that, they painted the flowers. The results are very colourful and beautiful!

G2 students looked at the work of American artist Keith Haring. They looked at the different styles of outlines in his work, and learned that we can use curved lines and angular lines when drawing. After studying his pop art styled work, students then created their own Keith Haring style art work. First, the students drew their picture in pencil, then outlined in marker. They chose colours close to Haring’s palette when painting in-between their line boundaries. As you can see, the results are excellent.

Well done G1 & 2 artists!