GiS 2020 Halloween Fun!


We had another fun and spooky Halloween this year at GiS! It was great to see so many students and teachers in Halloween costumes. The costumes in tandem with the decorations in the school and schoolyard really brought the Halloween spirit to GiS!

Kindergarten students did a fantastic job performing Halloween songs and dances outside. They really loved dancing in their costumes! The performance was recorded for parents to enjoy watching online.

In addition to the performance, both kindergarten and elementary students had lots of fun playing games with a Halloween twist, which were prepared by kindergarten and elementary teachers. The games included Halloween Bowling, Halloween Rescue, and Ring Toss.

Everyone got a prize after playing each game. Additionally, elementary students from G2 and up competed for the top score in some games in order to win first, second, or third prize!

After the games, each group of kindergarten and elementary students were delighted to collect a Halloween bag stuffed with goodies in the reception!

In all, a fun, spooky, and safe Halloween at school was had by all. Happy Halloween everyone!