G4-Poetry and Public Speaking!

“Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood.”

This month, G4 learned all about poetry and then created their own poems! First, students learned that poets use everyday language in a different way to express their feelings and convey a message to the listener. Next, students learned about some of the elements of poetry, such as rhythm, rhyme, and use of imagery. Students then learned about stanzas and the number of lines that should be used in each stanza.

When students had perfected their poems, they worked on their typing skills by typing up their poems.

Then it was time to get our arts & crafts tools out! Students made a drawing or painting to visually represent the subject of their poem.

Confidence in public speaking is an important skill for elementary school children to develop. The benefits of public speaking can contribute to success in a child’s future. With this in mind, G4 students presented their poems in front of a small audience in the school lobby. Everyone was nervous, but did a great job speaking loudly and clearly. Their teacher was very proud!