G5-G6 Ancient Egypt Presentations

“If you don’t know what you want to achieve in your presentation your audience never will.” Harvey Diamond

GiS G5 & G6 had fun and worked on their presenting skills in a recent Ancient Egypt presentation project! PowerPoint presentations projects are an excellent way to build up elementary students’ research, computer, and public speaking skills. Confidence in public speaking is a very important skill for elementary school children to develop from an early age. Studies show that the benefits of public speaking can contribute to success in a child’s future!

Each student chose one out of six topics about daily life in ancient Egypt to make a PPT about. After choosing their topic, students headed to the computer room to start researching their topic. Acquiring the skills to find and choose information on a given topic using the internet is necessary for older elementary students, before they move on to middle-school. After students felt they had the information they needed, it was time for students to plan the structure and layout of their PPT. Students had to make design decisions and consider the amount of information they should present on each slide. Finally, when students had perfected their PPTs, they prepared their verbal presentation and memorized their content to avoid reading from their PPT slides.

When it was time to present their PPT to the class, some students were naturally a little nervous. However, they all did a great job and made their teacher Mr. Morgan proud! After the presentations, each student answered follow up questions about their topic from their classmates.

Students were graded by their teacher on the quality of written English, the overall visual presentation, clarity of speech, body language, content known, and interaction with the audience.

Great job, G5 & G6 presenters!