GiS 2021 Spring School Application form

Gregg’s Spring School is a seasonal short program for anyone who wants to learn English. We offer a very flexible system where you can join from one day without any registration costs. Come try Gregg International School to learn and have fun in English!!


  • Duckling Class (1.5-2 yr olds)
  • Kindergarten Classes
    • K3 -3 yr olds
    • K4 -4 yr olds
    • K5 -5 yr olds
      We are divided by age.


  • G1-2
  • G3 and up (Cross-Curricular Class)
  • Beginners Class
    The classes are divided by age and English levels.

Classes are taught in 100% English. We will learn phonics, writing, and reading in the mornings. There will be theme based activities and lessons in the afternoon such as about spring and Easter. We will also have a field trip (date to be announced) and an Easter Party (April 2) this year. You can choose to come Half Day (9:0014:30) either Full Day (9:00-14:30).

We are a 5 minute walk from JIYUGAOKA station.
(Tokyu Toyoko Line / Oimachi Line)

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Spring School 2021
Mon, March 22 – Fri, April 2 (Easter Party on April 2nd)
Ages: From 1.5 – 12
Class: A. Half Day 9:00-12:00 either B. Full Day 9:00-14:30
Child Care (8 am- / -5 pm)
School Bus & Lunch Order Available

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Preschool : Phonics & Speaking, Art, Cooking, Science and more
Elementary : Basic / Intermediate / Returnee Course

What to Bring?
Inside Shoes / Change of Clothes / Lunch (Full Day Students) / Diapers -if necessary
Inside Shoes / Pencils, Color Pencils & Eraser / Lunch (Full Day Students) / Snacks & Drinks

Gregg International School
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