K5-New Semester with New Students

A simple hello could lead to a million things.

It’s 2021 and we’ve kicked off our new semester with some new students, many of whom are from different parts of the world. We are delighted to have these new friends! We look forward to spending the new semester together and getting to know each other better. As expected, the new students were a little shy in the beginning, but now they are getting used to the K5 program.

Circle Time: We all sit down together and start off each day with singing a few songs, learning the calendar, talking about the weather and getting warmed up to learn more in our day ahead.

Learning Centers: Students are allowed to work independently to develop their creative side. They enjoying building cities with blocks, figuring out puzzles , drawing pictures and making their own original crafts.

Outside Time. This seems to be everyone’s favorite time! We all like playing in the treehouse, riding bikes and scooters, and excavating in the sandbox, creating and reimagining new lands with mountains and winding rivers.

Phonics/Math Time: In our phonics lessons we are now learning to read three-letter-words. In the math lessons, we are learning to count up to 100, counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s using odd and even numbers.

Lunch Time: We all enjoy eating the yummy lunches made by moms or the nutritious school lunch!

Story Time: At the end of the day, the students LOVE listening to all kinds of storybooks with colorful pictures! We often share our impressions about the story and characters we read about.