GiS Open House for Kindergarten and More!

GiS Open House for Kindergarten!


GiS will hold an open house for parents with kindergarten age children on Saturday, July 31st. All are welcome!
グレッグインターナショナルスクール 幼児部(幼稚園)の入園説明会を開催いたします。ご家族でどうぞ!


Date: Saturday, July 31
Time: 1:00 pm ~ 3:00 pm

  • An introduction to GiS school-life and education.
  • In-person tour of the preschool classrooms.
  • Q & A session

Parents and children are welcome to attend.
Use of public transportation is recommended since NO parking is available.
Spaces are limited, so please make a reservation soon by calling 03-3725-8000 or emailing us at [email protected].

日にち: 7月31日(土)
時間:午後1:00 ~ 3:00

  • グレッグインターナショナルスクールのご紹介
  • 幼児部施設のご案内
  • Q & A

お電話 (03) 3725-8000 またはメール [email protected] まで。

Eiken Test Success Camp at GiS


GiS will have a special Eiken preparation program for students ages 7 – 12 years old. Through this course, we aim to help your child succeed in passing the Eiken test.

Week 1: August 2nd ~ 6th (15:00 ~17:00)
Week 2: August 10th ~13th (10:00 ~ 12:00)
*No school on August 9th, a national holiday.
Levels: Grade 4 (4 kyu)/Grade 3/Grade-Pre 2/Grade 2 (Max. 10 students per class)

  • Week 1 (5 days) ¥30,000
  • Week 2 (4 days) ¥24,000

If you sign up for 9 days, the tuition will be 10% discount. ¥48,600.

Course Content:

  • First Stage: Vocabulary/ Grammar / Writing / Reading comprehension / Listening comprehension.Second
  • Stage*: Interview Training/Work on individual students’ weaknesses with private lessons (*Up to 2 times – additional fee of¥3,000/30min).

Week 1:  8月2日 ~ 6日 午後3:00 ~ 5:00
Week 2: 8月10日 ~ 13日 午前10:00 ~ 午後12:00

クラス: 4級、3級、準2級、2級 各クラス定員10名まで

  • Week 1 (5日間)¥30,000
  • Week 2 (4日間)¥24,000



  • 1次対策 単語・熟語・文法・英作文・長文読解・リスニング
  • 2次対策* 各級のスピーキング試験の形式に沿った実践トレーニング
    プライベートレッスンでは、個々の弱点をカバー (*プライベートレッスンは2回まで3,000円/30分)

TOEFL Test for Elementary Students?

小学生向けの TOEFL?

TOEFL is accepted world-wide as proof of English proficiency when going to an overseas university, but did you know that there is a TOEFL ITP (Level 2) that even elementary school students can challenge?
This TOEFL ITP Level 2 is easier than regular TOEFL, and the examination fee is a fraction of the cost of the regular TOEFL exam. It is a good opportunity to experience TOEFL and know your current English proficiency. You can take the TOEFL ITP (Level 2) in the classroom of Gregg International School.

  • The Level 2 TOEFL test is a test designed for elementary students. It is an easier version of the adult TOEFL test.
  • The test has an all mark-sheet system.
  • The test level is similar to Eiken Level 3 ~ 2.

Student age: For Grade 3 students and up.
Location: Gregg International School, Jiyugaoka, Tokyo
Date: Friday, July 30th*
*Other test dates are available in July.
Please let us know which dates you would like to take the TOEFL test,
and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Time: 15:00 ~ 16:30
Fee: 4,000yen
Grading process: The answer sheets will be graded at the TOEFL office, and the score will be sent back within a month approximately.
Application: You can have the application form at Gregg’s office. Please ask our office for more information.
Test Schedule:

  • Listening Comprehension: 22min
  • Structure and Written Expression: 17min
  • Reading & Vocabulary: 31min
  • Total time: 70 min

TOEFLは、海外の大学に進学する際などに英語力の証明として提出するスコアとして知られていますが、小学生でも挑戦できる、TOEFL ITP(Level 2)があるのをご存知ですか?
この TOEFL ITP Level 2は、通常のTOEFLより易しく、低料金で受けられます。グレッグインターナショナルスクールの教室で受けられますので、TOEFLを体験し、現在の英語力を知る良い機会です。

  • Level 2 です。小学生以上向けですので、公式のTOEFLよりも易しく、短時間です。
  • 英検3級 ~2級レベル
  • すべてマークシート方式

対象年齢: 小学3年生以上(中学生のご兄弟もどうぞ)
場所: グレッグインターナショナルスクール
日にち: 7月30日 (金)*
時間: 15:00 ~ 16:30
料金: ¥4,000
採点: TOEFL事務局にて採点後、結果は約1か月ほどで発送されます。
お申し込み: グレッグの受付にてお申込書をお配りしています。詳しくはオフィスまで。

  • Listening Comprehension: 22分
  • Structure and Written Expression: 17分
  • Reading & Vocabulary: 31分
  • 計: 70 分