International Week – G1 and G2

``Society is unity in diversity.`` George Herbert Mead

For international week, G1 and G2 learned about several different countries. For the first day, G1/G2 read about Brazil. G2 did some word searches with Brazil as a theme, while G1 made carnival inspired face masks.

The next day G1/G2 read about England. G2 students then learned about Shakespeare, and how he invented about 1700 new English words. They tried their hand at inventing their own English word for fun. G2 students also learned about Stonehenge, a famous prehistoric landmark in England. They made their own Stonehenge inspired rock formations. G1 took a virtual tour of the Buckingham Palace and found England on the map.

The third day, G1/G2 students took some time to review the seven continents, a geography skill we first start learning in 1st grade. G2 only needed a brief review, and then we read a book about Spain as a class. G1 had a thorough review of the seven continents, and then we played continents bingo at the end.

The last full day of international week, G1/G2 students learned about Australia. We took some time to read about the unique animals that only live in Australia, and G2 students drew their favorite. G1/G2 students also learned about Australian Aboriginal art and did some of own paintings inspired by Aboriginal paintings.

As a way to cap the week, G2 students watched three different folk tales from Russia, Benin and Korea. Students really enjoyed international week and got to learn about different countries.