Safety Week at GiS

Early and provident fear is the mother of safety - Edmund Burke

K3 explored Safety Week in September and we have continued practicing everything we learned during that time. We kicked off the week by looking at traffic safety. Not only did we talk about when it’s safe to cross the road but we also discussed good practices such as looking both ways before crossing and raising our hand when we cross the street. We had fun learning about traffic lights and the meaning behind each color represented on the lights. K3 enjoyed making a traffic lights craft and playing games such as “Red Light, Green Light”.

The students gained knowledge of first aid kits. They learned what kinds of items are commonly included in the kits and what these items are usually used for. We made our own kits and used our imagination to become doctors and nurses.

We also learned about fire safety. K3 talked about the role of firefighters in society and the appropriate measures children should take when there is a fire. Every day the students practiced the “Hurry, Hurry, Drive the Firetruck” song, which teaches the steps firemen follow when putting out a fire. They were absolutely delighted to meet real firefighters on the last day of Safety Week and they had the chance to examine a real firetruck.

K3 picked up a lot of information about safety in a way that was fun, educational and utilized all of their senses.