2023 GiS Family Festival


GIS Family Festival is around the corner! And it’s shaping up to be a blast. Mark your calendars and join us on October 8th for a day filled with international foods, games, and a raffle with some awesome prizes.

Everyone is welcome, even if you are not a student or family member of Gregg’s! This is an event for everyone; this would be a great day of fun for children and adults alike.

For the children, there will be 9 unique games designed by GIS teachers and a Kid’s Raffle especially for the children.
All adults can enjoy world cuisine (hot snacks, refreshments) from a delectable array while a live jazz band plays. (Wine/Beer will be also available for purchase.) Please join us for a fun time with your family and friends in this extraordinary atmosphere.

Food from GIS, GIS parents, and restaurants from Jiyugaoka Community:

  • Sri Lankan Curry (5 tickets)
  • Special Yakisoba (fried noodle) (4 tickets)
  • Corn Chips & Salsa (3 tickets)
  • Hot Dog (3 tickets)
  • Korean comfort food (Variety of Home Cooking)
  • Chinese Moon Cake
  • Indonesian Cake (Kue Lumpur Pumpkin, Sweet Martabak, Klepon, Kue Ku)
  • French cuisine from the ‘Cocotte Cuisine’ Jiyugaoka
    …and more!

GIS parents, and restaurants from Jiyugaoka Community, we sincerely appreciate your cooperation!!

This year’s theme is “Peace and Love”. We would be very happy if you could come in 70’s fashion to link with this year’s theme!

And the highlight is a raffle with great prizes! Last year, we had a lot of fun with Disneyland tickets, invitations to the American Club spa, wines from around the world, and much, much more. This year, we are looking forward to powering up the children’s raffle as well, so please look forward to it.
At the opening, GIS students will sing. Later on stage, there will be a jazz band playing and then performances by the GIS students.

Admission is free, but all food, games, and raffle tickets are in exchange for tickets (‘Festival Tickets’). Tickets can be purchased at the two ticket booths located at the entrance to Gregg’s and in the schoolyard.

We look forward to seeing you there!

° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° °
Sunday, October 8th from 11:30-16:00
Jazz Live ‘Blue Lemon Pie’
Raffles: Grand Raffle, Wine Raffle, and Kid’s Raffle

今年も華やかに賑やかに、グレッグの学園祭 ‘GIS Family Festival’ を開催します!
このカラフルでハッピーなフェスティバルは、10月8日(日) 11:30-16:00 に開催されます。

グレッグの生徒やご家族でなくとも、皆さんウェルカム! のイベントです。子どもも大人も楽しむことができる一日です。


  • スリランカカレー (チケット 5枚)
  • やきそば (チケット 4枚)
  • コーン&チップス (チケット 3枚)
  • ホットドッグ (チケット 3枚)
  • 韓国の家庭料理各種
  • 中国の月餅
  • インドネシアのスイーツ (Kue Lumpur Pumpkin, Sweet Martabak, Klepon, Kue Ku)
  • フランス料理 ‘Cocotte Cuisine’より




入場は無料ですが、お料理やゲーム、ラッフルの抽選券は、すべてチケット(’Festival Ticket’)との交換となります。チケットは、Gregg の入り口と校庭の中の2か所に、チケット売り場を設置していますので、そちらでご購入ください。


° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° °
10月8日(日) 11:30-16:00
出演バンド(Jazz Live) ‘Blue Lemon Pie’
Raffles(おたのしみ抽選会): グランドラッフル、 ワインラッフル、 キッズラッフル(子ども向け)。

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