Summer Street Art!

“Art is a line around your thoughts.” – Gustav Klimt

An eye sore or a feast for the eyes? That’s the big question this week as G4-6 explore the world of graffiti and street art. As a group, we delved into the debate around both graffiti and street art. We asked questions like what constitutes art and what vandalism? Is art better kept within the walls of a museum or gallery, rather than the streets?

Once we had explored and discussed enough, it was time to get active and create our own work! First students decided on what they wanted to make their art about. Once each student had made a decision, they drew their stencil on card, being careful to think about how they wanted the final result to look. Many students chose to search for images to use as inspiration, either to replicate in a different size by drawing freehand, or to trace and make a stencil directly from. Next, it was time to get cutting! Students carefully cut out their stencils. Once completed, students considered which spray paint colours they wanted for their artworks, and decided on background paper colour too. Finally, it was time for our young Banksys to get spraying! As you can see, we had some great results. Students experimented with the medium producing some unique and appealing effects. To add to that, some students said they plan to do more spray painting in their free time. A successful venture all round!