Welcome Back to School!

Dear Gregg International School Families,

We hope that you had a relaxing summer, and both parents and students are recharged and ready to start the next academic school year. We are happy to announce the new school year will resume on August 27th, 2020, with strict adherence to COVID19 safety rules issued by the government. We would like to ensure all parents, that our first priority will be the safety of our students in their learning environment.

In the upcoming school year, G.I.S. will continue to implement the following safety procedures:

  1. Temperature checks twice daily in the morning and afternoon. Parents are also required to check and write in their child’s temperature at home every morning before coming to school.
  2. Frequent hand washing: students will wash their hands upon entering the school building, before touching food, and after playing with toys. Hand sanitizer will be used at regular intervals throughout the school day.
  3. Classrooms and classroom items will be sanitized daily.
  4. Strict avoidance of the “Three Cs”:
    • Ventilation: Rooms will be well-ventilated with doors and windows open to ensure adequate airflow
    • No close contact: Desks will be spaced to ensure students avoid close contact with other students as much as possible.
    • No overcrowding: The number of students per room will be kept low to ensure that no room is overcrowded.
  5. Beginning from this school year, G.I.S. can provide a dual education environment. We can offer both regular on-site classes and e-learning for students who are unable to attend on-site classes. Please contact school for more information.
  6. In order to protect students and their families, the number of students will be set to a maximum of 10 students per classroom. Because of the small class sizes and following of the above safety precautions, it is very unlikely that G.I.S will have an outbreak of the virus.

As a school, we know that e-learning can be challenging for both parents and students. Luckily, due to the unique advantage of having low student numbers, even in the event of another issue of ‘State of Emergency’ by the government, we will be able to continue to allow students to come to school on certain days. In this case, G.I.S. will provide a dual digital and on-site learning schedule for each class, so that the amount of e-learning is greatly reduced.

Thank you to all parents for your support and understanding, as we as a school respond to the continuing pandemic. We wish for our students’ and their families’ health and safety during these challenging times.

Yours sincerely,

Gregg International School