Watercolour Volcanoes!

Volcanoes of the World

This month, G5 & G6 are studying all about physical geography! Students explored plate tectonics, and learned about the different types of plate boundaries – convergent, divergent and transform plates. They were interested to learn about how different types of plates interact with each other, and how these interactions can cause major earth events like volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

The G5 & G6 students couldn’t help but noticing that although volcanoes are very dangerous to humans, they are also very beautiful to look at. We looked at various images of volcanoes with a backdrop of the sky, and students were asked to point out the various colours they could see. Students noticed how images of volcanoes are not always orange and grey, they could point out a range of colours that appear, such as red, purple, blue, white, yellow and black. We then explored some paintings of volcanoes by watercolour artists, and noticed the different colours and effects these artists used. We learned that we can take artistic license and completely change a colour from its normal hue when we make art. Next, we investigated and tried out various watercolour painting techniques, such as gradients, splattering, engraving, and paint removal. Finally, it was time for students to make their very own watercolour volcanoes! The students did a great job utilizing the watercolour techniques that we learned about, and there were some truly beautiful and creative results. We will definitely explore this medium more in the future!