G1 Science: Germinating seeds

If you want children’s minds to grow… you must first plant a seed.

Recently, G1 students ventured into the world of biology in learning all about animal habitats and plants in science class! In their plant studies, students learned that plants have their own life cycle, just like animals and people. G1 teacher Ms. Erika taught the students that most plants grow from seeds, and that plants depend on sunlight and water to grow.

Students were amazed to learn that each seed has an embryo inside. They learned that a seed coat protects the embryo, while a small food supply inside the seed nourishes it as it begins to grow. The children learned that seeds don’t need soil to start germinating, or sprouting, as they use food supply they have.

In a recent experiment, students had a practical investigation into how a seed grows! First G1 soaked the seeds overnight. Then students made a mini greenhouse using a Ziplock bag and a wet paper towel, and placed the seeds inside it. Next, they taped their mini greenhouses to a window that gets a lot of sun.

Much to the G1 students’ excitement, the seedlings sprouted after just a few days! This experiment is great for students as it allows them to watch how seeds sprout, which is a process normally hidden by dirt. G1 students loved watching their seeds grow into seedlings!