G3 – G4 Aerobic Action!

“Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.” - Jim Rohn

For the month of October, G3 & G4 increased their physical fitness with a month of aerobic and agility training! Students were taught that agility is the ability to quickly change the direction and position of the body in a controlled way. After hearing that agility is very important for most sports, students were excited to improve their agility! Our G3 & G4 teachers focused on agility training for balance, leg and arm coordination, reflexes, speed, and strength.

Using an agility ladder, students followed a series of easy to difficult drills. They practiced moving their feet through the ladder in various patterns to develop agility. Look at them go! After that, students also did jump rope drills to improve balance, coordination of hands and feet, and timing skills.

Aerobic exercise is very important for children to maintain heart, lung, bone, and blood vessel health. It has also been proven to help keep a healthy weight and improve the quality of children’s sleep. G3 & G4 students built up their aerobic fitness and endurance with brisk walking, jogging, and running.

To develop strength, students had fun with ‘battle ropes’! Students had to use their body strength to make the rope move in a certain way, and in the process, got a full muscle workout! Go guys!

Students also did various aerobic stretches throughout the month and learned the importance of warming up our bodies before we exercise! They also learned that stretches improve flexibility. At the end of the month, students got jiggy with it and made an aerobic stretch inspired dance routine. Without a doubt, this was the highlight of the month for the students. Fantastic dance moves, G3 & G4!