K4 – All About Me!

``Everyone is Special!`` Barney The Dinosaur

Recently GiS K4 students were asked to bring in their favorite toy, food, and book so that they could present them to the class! These items really showcased each student’s individuality. The students learned that each of us is unique, with different likes and dislikes. It was a lot of fun for students to see each other’s preferences!

As well as learning about individuality, students were also able to work on their public speaking skills through this activity. It was great to hone our presenting skills, as we need to use them for our weekly K4 ‘Show and Tell’ presentations.

To solidify what we learned about our individuality, students also made posters and crafts to showcase their own unique interests.

‘All About Me’ was a great way for K4 students to learn about and understand our fellow classmates!